Case Studies

Case Study: Amoco Production Company

Manley & McAdam, Inc. (MMI) has been involved extensively with project management. Since inception of the Company in February 1994, MMI has been doing project management for Amoco Production Company. The required focus has been on Amoco’s current and future needs. The current core business allows MMI to obtain the objective of Customer Focus and Operational Excellence strategies and provide value to Amoco’s expectations.

The objectives prepare MMI with a successful competitive edge with competition. It allows us to have the personnel, processes and systems in place to meet the challenges of the future. MMI has a goal to become the best petroleum engineering consulting firm based upon always-improving business processes. Using project management skills allows development of a matrix of skills and competencies needed to perform successfully.

Meeting Customers' Needs

The use of project management allows development of leadership, achieving results and meeting customer’s needs. It places a higher value on bringing peers and descendants up to the highest levels of performance.

Project Management and the formation of business alliances provide a means of putting together technology teams to pursue customer satisfaction while minimizing their costs. The project management concept offers a complete line including alliances, technology support and operations support. The use of project management has yielded a safer work environment, better safety records, implementation of the latest technology, better business relationships and continuous improvement and innovation.

Our Alliances Drive Efficiency

The use of alliances was initiated with the development drilling program in Southwest Wyoming known as the Greater Green River Basin (GGRB). The program was started in the Moxa Arch area and transferred over to the Wamsutter Area of the GGRB. On May 12, 1994, the first well was spudded for the Wamsutter Project.

Since that date Manley & McAdam, Inc. has been involved in the drilling of some 280 wells. The use of project management and partnering has allowed tremendous savings and reduction of drilling costs for wells in the area. The latest in technology, including extensive use of downhole motors and PDC bits, has greatly reduced the cost per foot of drilling.

Integrating the alliance via project management has provided efficiencies of all the services provided including location building, mobilization, drilling, logging, running casing, cementing, stimulating and pipeline construction to place the well on production. The time from spud to placing the well on production has been reduced from months to days. Benchmarks have been set in place and a system of measurements has been implemented to continually improve upon.

Impressive Cost Savings and Results

The carry over of these projects has been met with such favor within the Amoco organization that its model is being duplicated wherever level loading of projects can be employed. The cost savings and results have been nothing but impressive. Manley & McAdam, Inc. not only initiated the Wamsutter Project but has been there throughout to involve themselves with the continual improvement of the processes.